Speech, language & audiology

Our in-house team of specialists

Every child and young person is supported by our in-house team of highly specialist speech and language therapists and audiologist.

Practice is research led & evidence based

We are a speaking and signing community taking advantage of new technologies to exploit opportunities to communicate fluently in written and spoken English. Practice is research led, evidence based and tailored to the aspirations of each child or young person.

Speech and language therapy

Communicate to learn, learn to communicate

Our team of four Speech and Language Therapists are innovative and passionate about seeing positive development in each child’s communication, interaction, thinking and learning.

Speech & Language Therapy

Assess, support and advise on the full range of hearing technologies

Working closely with the team of specialist speech and language therapists audiology is in the classroom too, on hand to tweak and repair or re-assess so every child and young person can learn uninterrupted.


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