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Its official - our recent (01 February 2024) Ofsted Social care Inspection rating is, Outstanding. Activities and friendships abound in our residential houses. Help with homework, trips and visits out, spending the house budget, learning to be independent or just talking with friends and chilling out after a busy day. Placements are available for all children and young people Monday to Thursday during term time. We also offer placements, full and part time, for local children and young people who would benefit from a friendship group to help develop confidence and a sense of belonging.

Children make exceptional progress from their starting points. The education and care staff have a seamless approach to supporting and caring for children. As a result, children are able to flourish and are supported in their aspirations for the future. One professional from the school said, ‘We are enablers.’ Children’s barriers to reaching their educational potential are overcome.

Ofsted Social Care 2024 Overall experiences and progress of children and young people, outstanding

The best of both worlds

The perfect spot

A stones throw away from the Peak District Parks and within easy walking distance of Derby its the best of both worlds for children and young people in residence. The residence council meet regularly to help staff understand what could be improved and to have their say in the running of their house.


Staying healthy is important too

Residence children enjoy a sports hall of their own in the evenings, an outdoor gym, leafy green campus, access local swimming pools, Clip ‘n Climb. A number of visiting professionals offer impartial advice and support across key topics aimed at safe use of social media and the internet to healthy relationships, bodies and minds.


Trust and confidence

Young people who have earned trust and built confidence live on campus independently, shopping and cooking for their house, jumping on a bus to catch a movie, meeting up with friends from college.


A strong peer group of friends help children to develop self-esteem, manage difficult feelings and learn from one another’s experiences. The social care team are trained, experienced and qualified, with the skills to build a positive sense of identity for all children and young people.


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