Post 16

Learning independently

Bespoke Career's Education, Information & Guidance

Preparing for life beyond school

Off campus at local sector providers young people in Post 16 enjoy the same opportunities and experiences as their non-deaf peers. Access to a wide range of vocational and non-vocational courses mean choices are varied and futures bright.

Making good choices

Improving on grades

Back on campus every young person continues to be taught by a qualified Teacher of the Deaf supported by speech and language therapy and audiology. Young people have the chance to improve on current grades alongside new courses of study. Careers Education, Information and Guidance is bespoke to each young person's aspirations.


Essential extras

An individualised curriculum and timetable provides opportunities to prepare for life beyond school. This could be including learning to drive (both theory and practical), taking part in The Duke of Edinburgh's Award, additional work experience, learning self study skills. Inspirational guest speakers provide positive role models, share experiences and tips for living life to the full.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

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