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Further education, employment or training?

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All children and young people are provided with bespoke careers advice and work experience. Deaf staff provide role models and a positive can-do attitude. Independent careers advisers visit and guide. Excellent communication support provides access to national resources to assess skills, explore careers, find a course, start a career.

Linking curriculum learning to careers

A carefully considered, bespoke careers programme

We follow the eight Gatsby Benchmarks of Good Career Guidance.

• A stable careers programme
• Learning from career and labour market information
• Addressing the needs of each pupil
• Linking curriculum learning to careers
• Encounters with employers and employees
• Experiences of workplaces
• Encounters with further and higher education.
• Personal guidance

Good career guidance
Making careers work

Yes you can!

Careers education is integral to our curriculum starting in Primary Department and continuing through each key stage of school life. In Primary all children are encouraged to develop ideas of future careers as they move through each key stage reflecting on their own interests, skills, strengths and qualities to shape future aspirations. With a positive sense of identity and ‘can do’ attitude misconceptions and stereotypical views are continuously challenged.

Delivered through the PSHE curriculum careers education is reinforced by opportunities to attend careers days, meet deaf role models, participate in work experience, visit colleges and careers fairs. Curriculum plans for each department set out career content in for each year group. From year 7 onwards children and young people use the START programme to create personal career plans and record activities and progress towards them mapped against the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Work matters

Dedicated to careers

A dedicated Careers Lead is appointed alongside independent careers advisors who provide impartial expert advice and guidance on further education, training or employment at KS3, KS4 and in Post 16. A number of employers, further and higher education providers support children and young people to realise their aspirations.

Future pathways are a discussion point at all EHCP meetings attended by parents, carers and placing partner representatives to ensure a successful transition at each key stage. COMPASS+ is used on an annual basis to measure, track and report to Governors on the effectiveness of the careers provision against the Gatsby Benchmarks.

For more information please contact Catherine Jones (RSDD Careers Lead) at


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