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School Meals

The school has a separate Dining Room where the catering staff produce healthy meals. Dietary, cultural and religious needs are catered for and a good selection of dishes is offered. Pupils benefit from the opportunity to develop communication and social skills.

Primary and EYFS pupils have lunch earlier and staff sit with them to encourage their eating and a sense of community. Lunch is considered to be an important part of developing their social and independence skills.

Year 11 act as monitors in the dining room when the secondary pupils have lunch.  After their meal pupils take part in club activities such as football, the signing choir, chess club, reading for fun, etc.

Post 16 students are encouraged to be independent and can buy or make lunches which are subsidised by school.

There is no charge for lunch.

Theme weeks and special occasions are celebrated and food to match the event is available.  These include  Valentine's Day, Election Day, National and International Holidays and other events. 

Examples of Menus

Menu 1 

Menu 2

Menu 3