Please keep safe. 

Health Centre

Our Health Centre Lead is based in the school and is available during the school day.

The role of the Health Centre Lead includes caring for pupils who are unwell, all aspects of medication administration and training, liaison with the immunisation team for school vaccinations, organising and/or delivering training on medical conditions, recording height and weight,  and liaising with other Health Care Professionals. 

There is an holistic approach to children’s health needs and the planning of children's care is done in consultation with parents, carers, nurses, school staff, residential staff (where applicable), other health professionals.

For residential pupils with health issues who are registered with our local surgery, the Health Centre Lead can organise for the GP to visit school or can take students to the surgery for appointments and immunisations, including annual flu vaccinations.

There are strong links with National Deaf CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) and monthly meetings are held to update, advise and share information.

There are annual visits by the school dentist and the national childhood measurement programme.  Prior to these visits parents and carers receive a letter and consent form to be completed and returned to school.