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Examination and Assessment Results

 Examination Results

RSDD delivers high quality teaching, which ensures that all of our young people exceed their expectations that inspires them to achieve their full potential throughout their whole life. We aim for our children and young people to be challenged to achieve their best through excellent teaching, a comprehensive curriculum and a wide variety of experiences from Early Years to 16 Plus. We believe that these underlying principles will provide a solid foundation for a successful and independent life.

Our aim is to raise the aspirations of our pupils, opening their minds to a world of possibilities. As a 3-19 all through school, we have responsibility for the academic achievement of many of our pupils throughout their whole school life. The children and young people are encouraged to recognise their own responsibility in studying, revising and aspiring to be better. RSDD offers a wealth of opportunities, both academically and culturally; children are taught that individually, they have something to contribute to the community of the School and to the wider community.

A full and comprehensive analysis of RSDD’s examination results and progress measures, along with a variety of other attainment and assessment data, can be found below for 2018-2019.

Schools are not required to publish their exam and assessment results from 2019-2020 academic year as these have not been published as performance measures by the Secretary of State.

School Data Dashboard

DfE Performance Tables


 How we monitor progress – Definitions

The following terms describe how we monitor the progress of our children and young people. 


This is how quickly and effectively your child moves through learning objectives and targets within a year or key stage. 

Ultimately the faster the rate of progress the more quickly your child will achieve the next curriculum standard. However please note rate of progress is affected by a pupils’ degree of learning difficulty and their associated needs. 


This is the highest level your child has completed at any one point in time and for any given subject. It could be in the form of P-Levels starting at P1i and going up to P8 or could be in the form of the National Curriculum year or Key Stage standard your child has achieved. 

Please note however, since the development of the new National Curriculum there is now an increased gap between P-Levels and Year 1 objectives and as such RSDD have maintained sub levels to bridge this gap for individual pupils where necessary. 


This is the process by which teacher judgements are reviewed, if necessary adjusted and ultimately verified collectively. The process involves sharing examples of work and any supporting evidence, in order to establish a shared agreement within school and comparing to other children of similar age of what would be expected from a child in order to achieve any given level for any particular subject. 

Moderation is carried out annually for a range of subjects within school. On completion of internal moderation, the process is repeated with other schools beyond our own in order to improve the validity and reliability of the end judgements made.