Please keep safe. 

Safeguarding and E-Safety

Keeping Safe and Well

Some of the pupils from residence have made a video about how to stop bullying. They have written the script, acted and filmed it themselves



ESafety booklet for parents and Carers

Here at the Royal School for the Deaf Derby we work closely with students and staff to ensure they are up to date with new technologies and this includes making sure they know where to go in the event of problems arising. Below are a selection of trusted websites that can answer most questions you may have about safe use of the internet.

On our homepage we have installed the CEOP Report Abuse button and also the Sign Video site which is hosted by the NSPCC. Sign Video allows students to connect via webcam to an advisor who will use British Sign Language to discuss any worries they may have.

If you have any comments or suggestions to make please can these be directed to the schools E-Safety Leader. If you have concerns about the welfare of a child or young person please speak to Neil Gorse (Lead Safeguarding Officer) or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

WARNING: It is advised that this video is only appropriate for persons aged 15 years and older.

The NSPCC Helpline has become the first helpline in the UK teaming up with the Sign Video Service to enable deaf and hard of hearing members of the public to access the helpline via qualified BSL Sign Language interpreters. Using video conferencing equipment (videophones, webcams, videoconferencing units), high quality BSL interpreters are available within minutes.

Educational resources for young people and their families. Includes some films which are subtitled and some which have been made using British Sign Language. There is a comprehensive parents section on here too.

We encourage our children to share from a very early age – but there are some things that shouldn’t be shared. This resource from the NSPCC has some good advice for parents and their children about being ‘Share Aware’ there are short films on the website which are subtitled.

Not sure what that app or game is that your child is using? Net Aware has a list of the top 50 apps that young people are currently using, their benefits and risks and what you can do to ensure your child is safe while using them.

Confused about Parental controls? Got a multitude of different devices and need some help with making sure your child is as safe as they can be online? ParentalControls-On will walk you through each of your devices and show you how to set those all important controls.

Another method of limiting potentially harmful material online is through Safe Search. Follow this guide and learn how to enable this protective feature.


The Pan European Game Information website has loads of information and advice about age restrictions and game content. Not sure about the age rating on a game? Check this site for help and advice.

Facebook has a help section that is really rich in information. Anything you need to know about staying safe on Facebook can be found here.

This article from Twenty Two Words will help you to update your vocabulary of ever-changing texting slang so you can understand exactly what your child is talking about with their friends either through text messages or online. 


View the 360 degree E-safety Mark

Other useful contact numbers