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Residential Trips

Residential trips are an important part of our pupils’ education outside the classroom.  They involve the development of literacy, numeracy and other key areas of the curriculum.  Skills including money management, self-help and independent travel are also developed.

Primary pupils from Y3 –Y6 enjoyed a residential visit to the Peak District in June.  They stayed at Glenbrook in the Hope Valley and went on visits to Castleton, Ladybower Reservoir, Peak Cavern and Peveril Castle. They learnt about the practice bombings on the reservoir, visited caves and were told about how people lived in the past and how rope was made.  They found wildflowers, animals and insects in the forest and roasted marshmallows over a camp fire. A great but tiring time was had by all on this very successful visit.

Before they left the Secondary Department Year 11 went on a successful camping trip to Paris. They also spent a day in Disneyland

In Post 16 students often go on residential visits as part of their courses.  They are fully supported by RSDD staff.  Visits have included a successful trip to Rome as part of the art course







 Here are some images from our Germany Trip