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Dr William Roe founded our school in 1893, because he wanted to improve the lives of deaf people, who, at the time were ill-treated and misunderstood by society.

His wife Lydia was a pioneer in her own right, becoming the first woman qualified to teach deaf pupils in England. Money from her will paid for our residential accommodation to be built, which is today named in her memory.

At this time, the school was extremely progressive and today we encourage pupils to learn about the school’s fine history and to be proud of its culture and heritage.  

In 1897, the school gained its royal status when Queen Victoria bestowed the title as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations. 

Since then we have welcomed several members of the Royal family to the school, including Princess Margaret, Sarah, Duchess of York and, most recently, the Queen herself.

We are extremely proud of our rich and illustrious history and feel privileged to continue to offer the highest standard of teaching and pioneering pastoral care which has always been at the heart of this school. 








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