Autumn activities coming up include Primary Harvest Festival on 2 Oct, Post 16 Open Evening on 9 Oct and National Deaf Children's Cross Country competition on 16 Oct 


Residences offer a rich cultural environment where both BSL and English are valued. Pupils are encouraged to participate in deaf and hearing community activities leading towards their independence.

More information can be found in our handbook.

Accommodation Information:

•    The pupils eat breakfast in the residences and then walk to school for registration and hearing aid checks. Lunch is taken in the dining room; supper is taken in the dining room or residences. Pupils are encouraged to cook for themselves.

•    Residences are in purpose built accommodation.

•    A wide variety of activities are available in residence, in the school sports hall and in the wider community.  These include Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides, Youth Club and Enrichment Time.

•    There are Deaf and hearing workers in each house and they have regular contact with educational staff.

Residential Provision:

Click here for Residential Provision Statement of Principles and Practice