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Post 16

Working in partnership with local mainstream secondary schools and colleges

  • We offer vocational courses within a mainstream setting with full support from RSDD staff for students up to the age of 19. 
  • It is a five day placement for all students, with 4 nights in residence for students who live further from RSDD.
  • Courses lead to a full range of recognised qualifications for example, AS, A2, BTEC at Levels One, Two & Three and GCSE.
  • Students continue to develop numeracy and literacy skills delivered at RSDD by specialist teachers and qualified teachers of the Deaf tailored to individual needs.
  • In addition, all wider skills, i.e. computing, problem solving, working with others, independent living skills, relationship and sex education, careers education, information, advice and guidance and improving own learning are taught with full support.
  • Learning and communication are tailored to individual needs using BSL, SSE and English.  Deaf and hearing staff work throughout the Department which allows students access to a high quality language environment.
  • Students are encouraged and supported to socialise and communicate with peers in their group at the provider and in Post 16.
  • Students are encouraged and supported in developing confidence and independent living skills.
  • Residential students are encouraged and supported in developing independent living skills.
  • Homework and tutorial sessions take place at RSDD to back up work and vocational units.
  • Students have access to a specialist audiologist, specialist speech and language therapist and the school nurse as required.
  • We encourage students to become responsible young people who are effective participants in their education.
  • Annual Reviews are held for Post 16 in late Autumn and early Spring Term.
  • Information sessions are held for parents/carers.
  • Comprehensive transition planning ensures a smooth transfer to the next phase of education/employment.
  • Providers will have their own individual parent information sessions, communication support is available for these so please let Post 16 know the date so arrangements can be made.
  • Students are also able to take part in organised sporting and leisure activities in the local area

Bursary Information:

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